Cape Cod Cranberry Grower's Association

Established in 1888 to standardize the measure with which cranberries are sold, the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers’ Association (CCCGA) is one of the country’s oldest farmers’ organizations. Today, the CCCGA represents approximately 330 growers throughout Massachusetts. This unity has given growers both a single voice and collective strength in promoting the cranberry industry.

The CCCGA has a professional staff that assists growers in solving everyday problems, offering assistance in regulatory compliance, sponsoring professional development seminars and organizing association activities such as the Massachusetts Cranberry Harvest Festival each October. The CCCGA has invested over $500,000 in cranberry research to help improve the efficiency and environmental compatibility of cranberry farms. Through continued support, the CCCGA is working to ensure that cranberry farming can survive urbanization and that open space and clean water, vital to cranberry growing, will be preserved.

The CCCGA also operates a frost warning system. Frost protection is a vital part of cranberry farming. In the event of frost danger, cranberry grower members are notified by phone or through access to a special code-a-phone system that a frost may be occurring and to take appropriate management action to protect the buds (spring) or berries (fall).

Grower Membership in the CCCGA is voluntary and is based on an assessment of a farmer's crop. Businesses and organizations may join as Sustaining Members, while those individuals who support the ideals of the Association, but who are not active growers or in a related business, may join the CCCGA as Associate Members.