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Save Our Bay Ma. is a stakeholder coalition of conservation groups, industry groups, local leaders, and concerned citizens organized around a single goal: stopping Holtec and/or any of its subsidiaries from releasing or discarding any materials from the closed Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station into Cape Cod Bay or any nearby water source or drainage systems. All the actions taken by our coalition will be to this end.

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station stopped generating electricity on June 1, 2019, and is now being decommissioned.  Pilgrim is now owned by Holtec, a large company based in As part of decommissioning, Holtec, Pilgrim’s current owner, needs to dispose of more than one (1) million gallons of left-over radioactively contaminated water.

 Holtec has two options: discharge the contaminated water into Cape Cod Bay, or transport the water to an existing off-site radioactive waste facility.

Holtec wants to dump the water into Cape Cod Bay, for one simple reason, it’s cheaper. The contaminated water will inevitably flow into Plymouth, Duxbury, and Kingston Bays. The bays are semi-enclosed, and circulation currents tend to keep the water in them. It not quickly flush out and disperse in the ocean, but is likely to end up in the sediments at the bottoms of the bays or beaches. 

Vermont Yankee, a nuclear power plant very much like Pilgrim, will send 2 million gallons of its low-level radioactive wastewater (twice the amount Holtec is contemplating dumping) to an Idaho waste facility rather than discharging it into the Connecticut River. There is no good reason for Holtec not to do the same. 

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Veterans For Peace

The Golden Rule boat-arrives in Plymouth to support our efforts to halt Holtec's illegal dumping plan!

JUNE 15 and 16

JUNE 15:

4:30 Plymouth Public Library, The Golden Rule film, Making Waves, will be shown.

6:00 Welcome at the Plymouth Wharf

6:30 Dinner at the Tavern on the Wharf, CLICK HERE TO RSVP

JUNE 16:

Boat tours/info

5:00 Rally on the Wharf

More info to follow!

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