Library of Documents

The following list is a list of documents, including Governance, Marketing Statistics and more. These are provided by the South Shore Realtors® to its members.

Governing Documents

South Shore Realtors Strategic Plan2018
South Shore Realtors Virtual Attendee Code of ConductJuly 2020
South Shore Realtors Social Media Policies and GuidelinesMarch 2018
Coronavirus Guidandce for Realtor Associations 20203.12.20

Marketing-Housing Statistics

June 2020 South Shore Realtors Housing Market Report7.24.20
June 2020 South Shore Realtors Town by Town Housing Statistics 7.24.20
June 2020 South Shore Realtors Housing Market Talking Points 7.24.20
June 2020 South Shore Realtors Greater Fall River Region Housing Market Report 7.24.20
June 2020 South Shore Realtors Greater Fall River Region Town by Town Housing Statistics 7.24.20
June 2020 South Shore Realtors Greater Fall River Region Housing Market Talking Points 7.24.20
Protect Your Investment Brochure - for REALTORS with At-Risk ClientsMay 1, 2020

Commercial Real Estate Reports and Information for Realtors

Commercial Lending Survey2019
Commercial Member Profile - National Assoc. of Realtors2018
Commercial Real Estate International Business Trends2020
Expectations and Market Realities in Real Estate2020
Like-Kind Exchange Survey2015

Town Hall Realtor Advocacy Program

Program Description 6.13.19
Town Hall Monitor Handbook 6.13.19
Program Manager Handbook 6.13.19
Talking Points Template6.13.19
Pledge Sheet 6.13.19
Elevator Speech Cheat Sheet 6.13.19
Issues Assessment Worksheet 6.13.19
My Town Worksheet 6.13.19
Welcome Video 6.13.19
Module 1 Video 6.13.19
Module 2 Video 6.13.19
The Advocate Aug/Sept Issue 8.2019
On Common Ground Winter 2020 Edition2020 Winter Edition


January - June 2020 Newsletters6.1.20
January - December 2019 Newsletters10.4.19


South Shore Realtors® Membership Brochure and Application Form - 20204.3.20
South Shore Realtors® Affiliate Brochure and Application Form 20202.6.20
South Shore Realtors® Administration Brochure and Application Form 2020 1.3.20
Associate Information Form (For DR's and Office Manager's Use) 20201.3.20

Webinars and Virtual Classes

Recorded Webinars6.4.20
July 1, 2020 New Agent Morning Session Policy and Guidelines 6.26.20
July 1, 2020 Online Code of Ethics Policies and Guidelines 6.26.20
July 1, 2020 Online CE Policies and Guidelines6.26.20
July 2, 2020 Policies for Virtual Designation Courses 7.2.20
6.17.20 Virtual Course Policy Guidelines 6.17.20
Virtual Course Policy Guidelines4.30.20
RER19 Closing and Settlement Syllabus Handout5.27.20
Example LE CD with Figures for Closing and Settlement CE 5.27.20
Online Code of Ethics CE Policy Guidelines 6.4.20
May 6 New Agent Training Class Materials 5.4.20
July 30th New Agent Training Agenda 7.21.20
July New Agent Training MLS Flyer7.21.20
July 30th New Agent Training Class Materials 7.28.20

Professional Standards Training 6.29.20

Professional Standards Training Workbook to print 6.26.20
Instructions for Zoom Breakout Rooms 6.26.20
Breakout Room 1 Exercise 1 6.26.20
Breakout Room 2 Exercises 2 and 3 6.26.20
Breakout Room 3, Exercise 46.26.20
Breakout Room 4, Part 2, Exercise 26.26.20
Breakout Room 4, Part 2, Exercise 36.26.20
Breakout Room 5 Exercise 6.26.20
Exercise Rose vs. Thorn 6.26.20
Cover Sheet for Prof. Standards Training Workbooks6.26.20
Reference Materials 6.26.20
Professional Standards Power Point 7.10.20

Ombudsman Training 6.30.30

South Shore Realtors Ombudsman Overview 6.30.20
South Shore Realtors Ombudsman Program Information 6.30.20
Staff and Ombudsman Conversation Checklists6.30.20
Exercises Handout 1 6.26.20
Code 2020 6.26.20
Scenario 1 6.26.20
Scenario 2 6.26.20
Scenario 3 6.26.20
Scenario 4 6.26.20
Scenario 5 6.26.29
Checklists in Lieu of Script6.26.20
Checklist from Diane Disbrow 6.26.20
Ombudsman Script Brief 6.29.20
Ombudsman Power Point 6.29.20
Code 2020 for Ombudsman Training 6.29.20

COVID-19 Documents

NAR's COVID-19 Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act Provisions for Realtors and Consumers 3.27.20
MLS Temporary Change Regarding On Market Listings
MAR Guidance Doc - COVID-19
Fire District Information MAR
Signed Order Smoke Detector Inspections
Coronavirus Guidance for Realtors


Extended Deadline Call for 2021 Director Applications/Nominations for the South Shore Realtors® Local, State and National Board of Director Positions 7.15.20
Call for 2021 Director Applications/Nominations for the South Shore Realtors® Local, State and National Board of Director Positions 6.22.20
2020 Affiliate Sponsorship Package 12.6.19
2020 Merger Finalization Announcement 2.24.20
Conducting Open Houses & Developing a Safety Plan Presentation 9.13.19
NAR's 2019 Member Profile Update 7.22.19
2018 Veterans and Active Military Home Buyers and Sellers Profile 7.22.19
2019 Profile of LGB Buyers and Sellers 7.22.19
Facts About MLS PIN'S Coming Soon Status 3.25.19
REALTOR Social Media Advertising Policy2018
South Shore Chamber Economic Development Plan 20302018
Homeowner's Guide to the MA Home Improvement Contractor ProgramMarch, 2018
NAR Commercial Listing Platform Update 10.4.1810.4.18
How to Update Your NRDS Record 10.4.18
June 2020 Membership Report 6.23.20
July 2020 Membership Report 7.22.20
MAR Legal Hotline August 2020 7.31.20
MAR Legal Hotline July 2020 6.30.20
MAR Legal Hotline June 2020 5.29.20
MAR Legal Hotline May 2020 5.1.20
MAR Legal Hotline April 2020 3.31.20
MAR Legal Hotline March 2020 2.28.20
MAR Legal Hotline February 2020 1.31.20
Legal Hotline January 2020 12.31.19
Legal Hotline December 2019 11.26.19
Legal Hotline November 2019 11.1.19
Legal Hotline October 2019 9.27.19
Legal Hotline September 2019 8.29.19
Legal Hotline August 2019 7.22.19
Legal Hotline July 2019 6.21.19
MAR Legal Hotline June 2019 6.1.19
MAR Legal Hotline May 2019 4.26.19
MAR Legal Hotline April 2019 3.25.19
MAR Legal Hotline March 2019 3.1.18
2019 Realtor Member Safety Report 9.12.9
How to Get Your RE License in MA4.3.19
Moehrl v NAR FAQ4.23.19
NAHREP 2018 State of Hispanic Homeownership Report 4.26.19
NAGLREP LGBT Real Estate Report 2019-20204.26.19
Instructions to Renew/Amend RE License Through Commonwealth of MA Prof. Licensure elicensing Portal5.16.19
NAR 2019 Profile of LBG Buyers and Sellers 7.2019
New Condo Rule Graphic 8.15.19
Facebook's 2019 Real Estate Trends and Insights Report 8.21.19
Brockton Lead Based Paint Hazard Control and Healthy Homes Grant.8.23.19
Free Smoke Detectors from Red Cross 8.28.19
Landy Cybercrime Article 8.28.19
Empower Yourself Training Scripts 1.8.2020
South Shore Habitat for Humanity Flyer 3.2.20
MAR Life Membership Application 4.6.20
Casting Call for Historic Homes 7.14.20
NAHREP Power Point 7.17.20
2019 State of Hispanic Homeownership Report 7.17.20
State of Hispanic Wealth Annual Report 7.17.20
LGBTQ+Real Estate Alliance Information 7.17.20
1 Day Commercial List and Sell Virtual Course NCREA 7.23.20

Resources for Board and Volunteer Leadership

Board Responsibilities2020 (Courtesy of Bob Harris, CAE)
South Shore Realtors® Volunteer Leadership Agreement1.22.20

Non Profit Director's Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Director2020 (Courtesy of Eileen Morgan Johnson)
Motion Information: For Every Action there is a Reaction2020 (Courtesy of Bob Harris, CAE)